Power, Speed & Agility

  • Proper Running Mechanics: Establish and advance a base for each player so they aren’t expending energy that they don’t need to, therefore conserving energy levels for later use in a soccer game or in the their chosen sport, to be able to finish a game the way they started.
  • Agility Drills: Use of equipment (rings, hurdles, polls, ladders) to further their balance, coordination, strength and speed.
  • Strength Work: Use of each athletes own body weight, we work their core with various strength drills and work the key leg muscle areas with a variety of exercises from leg squats, mountain climbers, hamstring resistance drills to lunges.  Plyo boxes are used for each group.
  • Speed work: Use of resistance drills by using parachutes and speed sacs.  Use of sprint drills that place emphasis on correct running form.

Ages 8 to 17.  Athletes will be divided into U8-U12 and U13+ groups