Our wonderful athletes are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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I simply wanted to share with you the great impact your running program had on my daughter’s  performance. Not only did she greatly improve her endurance, speed and running technique on the soccer field, she also did the ‘beep’ test in gym class at school (The multi-stage fitness test) and she had the best results she ever had. She went all the way to level 14, beating all of the other girls and coming in 4th place (behind 3 boys).

Thank you for helping her being a better athlete and see you soon! – Marie, mother of Tiyana, age 10


Seriously, I am so proud and impressed with her running and her rise in competitive spirit – I think a lot has to do with your coaching and running program!

My daughter actually wants to keep doing more rigorous training with your program and has signed up to run other roadraces in the area.  Your program is second to none and is by far the best this city has to offer.  Thank you for all you do! – Jill, mother of Abby, age 9


My son has put up results that he couldn’t have dreamed of a year ago all due to your running program.  Your positive energy and influence on the kids is incredible.  I have yet to see any coach in any sport out there put as much time and energy that you do with these kids and the results that your program produces is off the charts.  I know my son has raised his confidence level in all areas of each sport he does, but he also now tries to help others with their running all from your program.  Every athlete of any age should do your program.  Thank you for your efforts. – Sue, mother of James, age 11