Each session will be 1 hour in length in order to get in a proper warm-up/cool-down as well as being able to touch on all aspects of sprinting and middle distance running, depending on the events your child wants to run.  We will also work on relay exchanges in the sprint events.  The focus will be proper running technique as well as having the ultimate track workout to maximize your results on the track.  We will use a few different pieces of equipment to work on resistance training, to be better able to execute proper running form.  The use of parachutes and speed sacs will maximize each child’s running form, increasing speed and becoming more efficient by not expending unwanted energy.

Program Description

  • Proper Running Mechanics: Establish and advance a base for each player so they aren’t expending energy that they don’t need to, therefore conserving energy levels for later use in a soccer game or in the their chosen sport, to be able to finish a game the way they started.
  • Agility Drills: Use of equipment (rings, hurdles, polls, ladders) to further their balance, coordination, strength and speed.
  • Strength Work: Use of each athletes own body weight, we work their core with various strength drills and work the key leg muscle areas with a variety of exercises from leg squats, mountain climbers, hamstring resistance drills to lunges.  Plyo boxes are used for each group.
  • Speed work: Use of resistance drills by using parachutes and speed sacs.  Interval training to prepare for track meets.  We can prepare you for any distance on the track for your upcoming track meets.  Use of sprint drills that place emphasis on correct running form.

Dates/Times are below with all sessions held at the Earl of the March HS Track. There are 10 sessions for $125 to be paid by E-transfer to  Password is Track. First come, first serve due to high demand for this program.  Program for ages 8 to 17. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!

  • Thursday, May 17th – 6-7pm (OPEN)
  • Fri. May 25th 6-7pm
  • Sun. May 27 – 10-11am
  • Thursday, May 31 – 630-730pm
  • Fri. June 8 – 6-7pm
  • Sun. June 10 – 10-11am
  • Fri. June 15th – 6-7pm
  • Sun. June 17th – 10-11am
  • Fri. June 22 – 6-7pm
  • Sun. June 24th – 10-11am